What Are W.O.W. Moments?

To Dr. Martinez, your life is your story – one that is worthy of everyday triumphs and epic adventures.

His goal is to ensure that all of his patients can create their own stories and adventures!

At Way Out West, we refer to these adventures as “W.O.W Moments” and we love to hear what becomes possible for our patients after treatment.

Below you can read some testimonials and W.O.W moments from our patients. Many of them include travel around the globe.

We would love to add your W.O.W Moments to our list. Fill out the form below and tell us your story!

Mike Martinez

Owner and Lead Physician

Dr Mike Martinez has explored many Fort Worth neighborhoods from the Stockyards, to Amon G Carter Stadium, to the Museum district, Fairmount, South Main and Northside. He has also traveled to Iceland where he spelunked in blue ice caves, rode horseback in the snow on furry Icelandic horses, and snowmobiled on the legendary glacier of Langjökull where the Iron Giant crashed in the cartoon. He traveled from Hong Kong by bus and train all the way to Shanghai with several stops in between. In New Zealand he enjoyed fish and chips made from the snapper he caught on a deep sea charter along with his wife while enjoying a beer on the beach.


Usually my vacations include mostly eating and drinking – but after meeting Dr Martinez, I decided to get adventurous and try something new! Living in Texas my whole life I had never really experienced snow. So I decided to explore Iceland. I went hiking through blue ice caves and riding an icelandic horse across a snowy ridge.


Growing up, I had always been the fiercely independent type. Whether it being exploring on my own or having entrepreneurial pursuits, my go-getter approach to life has been what defines me the most.

Most adults go though some kind special challenge in life, and I am no exception. Dr. Martinez was able to direct me towards positive coping habits to break the cycle I was in. Without his lifestyle management plan, I would have a much longer bucket list unfulfilled.

Visiting Eastern Europe was always a big goal of mine and I owe it to him for charting a course and executing it to accomplish my goals – taking that dream trip. Over nine days, I did everything from becoming part of the nightlife in Budapest to paying my respects and learning about some of the darkest locations used by the Nazi regime. While each day of my trip was full of adventure and new experiences, my personal favorite highlights include: strolling the River Danube with spectacular views of parliament and spending a night in the sleepy town of Český Krumlov, off the beaten path of most tourists.


I was finally able to fulfill my dream of going to Ireland. I was able to travel on the plane without being in pain. I hiked the country side of Kalarney and feel amazing! I would highly recommend Way Out West Spine!

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