What To Expect

Our clinic doesn’t focus on narcotics for pain management. Instead, Way Out West focuses on the restoration of musculoskeletal and neurological systems by investigating the root causes of your pain.

Our team works hard to deliver targeted, innovative and high-quality care so that you’re able to return to your active lifestyle as soon as possible.

We recognize that you live a busy life, and we value your time; therefore, we place a high priority on timely and appropriate care.

We promise each of our patients that we will do our absolute best to see you at your scheduled time to make sure you receive the full benefit of your appointment and receive our undivided attention.

For new patients, we recommend filling out your patient information on the website before your appointment date to optimize your time in the office.

If you are unable to fill out the form online or would prefer to do it in person, please arrive early to your appointment to ensure you can complete all the necessary paperwork.

If you require further assistance to fill out your patient information, one of our patient ambassadors will be able to fill out the forms alongside you before your appointment for a $20 charge.

On your first visit, plan to arrive 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. Arriving early will allow you time to find the clinic, park and check-in.

If you are more than 10 minutes late to an appointment, you will be rescheduled for another day to make sure you have enough time to complete your appointment.

During your appointment, we will work together to determine the root cause of your pain and develop an individualized pain management treatment plan.

Our goal is to address your needs and taking into account all factors impacting your treatment.

Two patients with the same condition will likely receive different treatment plans based on their unique needs and their own individual goals.

Our primary goal at Way Out West is to provide you with the tools you need to achieve a successful recovery.

We will attempt to quantify your recovery with metrics like an improved range of motion, increased amount of physical activity, increased participation in work or hobbies and elevation in mood or overall well-being.

With that in mind, if we are not seeing noticeable results in your care, we will develop another plan.
This may include discussing changes to your current plan or referral to an appropriate provider who may be a better match.

These changes may also include any of the following to address the root cause of your pain: psychology, neurology, physical therapy, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, rheumatology or endocrinology.

Dr. Martinez’ Expert Evaluation

Dr. Martinez is able to provide a high level of quality care by utilizing the following steps in his expert evaluation:

Step One

Dr. Martinez will review any records from your referring provider for information about your chief complaint, including your past medical history, past surgical history, imaging and medications.

By doing this, Dr.Martinez will be an expert in your care and ensure your time is maximized.

Step Two

Then, Dr. Martinez will ask questions focusing on your condition.

These may include topics like the location of your discomfort, any inciting injuries, how often it occurs, is it localized or does it radiate, what are triggers, what are alleviating factors and previously attempted therapies.

These questions help to identify important factors that may influence your pain management and treatment plan.

Step Three

Dr. Martinez will perform a thorough physical exam that will encompass your overall physical health as well as a focused exam of your chief complaint.

A physical exam is crucial to address any issues you may identify as well as ones you may not be aware of yet.

Step Four

Finally, Dr. Martinez will determine if additional testing or imaging studies are needed to guide your therapy and individualized treatment plan.

In some situations, additional information is required to make an informed decision about the best route for your care.